R v. Spence  Bail release on Second Degree Murder
R v. Peltier  524 Release on outstanding bank Robbery charges
R v. Rahmer  released on Bail review serious home invasion
R v. Pressley released on Robbery
R v. Hendrickson released on Second Degree Murder


R v. NJ  Charges of Possession Purpose of Trafficking 1 kilogram of cocaine or greater discharged at preliminary hearing
R v. Brandon Hunter Not Guilty of possession of loaded handgun.
R v. Spence  (obtained bail 2nd degree murder)  Jury Trial Not guilty 2nd Degree Murder merely manslaughter
R v. Lacoste  not guilty possession for the purpose of trafficking large quantity marihuana
R v. Peltier not guilty possession for purpose of trafficking
R v. Vincent  not guilty aggravated assault endangering life
R v. Dolinsinski not guilty by jury fraud and theft over $ 5000.00
R v. Breton amicus currie
R v. Timmermans significant drug charges stayed


R v. Nagotchi  Murder reduced to Manslaughter
R v. Fisher   Murder reduced to manslaughter
R v. JS    3 month youth sentence on top of 3 months time served Murder reduced to manslaughter
R v. Davis    Manslaughter  – Not Guilty  by reason of mental disorder Trial by Jury
R v.  Lysenchuk   Trial by Judge not guilty distributing pornography
R v. Loon Murder reduced to manslaughter Jury Trial
R v. Elsey   Not Guilty Murder by reason of mental disorder Jury Trial
R v. Buhkcari Conditional Sentence for human smuggling first
reported sentence of this type in Canada


Christopher Watkins, is a highly experienced Trial Lawyer in Criminal Law.

He has litigated the most complex drug matters as well as homicides, DUI’s and Domestic Incidents.  His Trial and resolution success rate is very high.

Whether it be Judge and Jury or Judge alone Christopher Watkins has the experience that counts when you need strong court representation.

Mr. Watkins is also highly skilled at Bail releases and Bail Reviews.

Mr. Watkins has also argued appeals at the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Mr. Watkins fights to get his clients released from custody and fights to keep them out !

The following is a small sample of the hundreds of successful cases litigated by Mr. Watkins during his career and close to 12,000 Criminal files during his career to date.